Constable's Gate
Map name: MAP52

Cheat code: visit12

Hexen: Beyond Heretic

Map of Ordeal

Picking up Yorick's Skull

Your first visit to Ordeal is to pick up one of the Yorick's Skulls.

You begin on a raised platform. As soon as you step off the wall behind you will lower revealing a swarm of Ettins. Once they are gone, travel around the corner to be presented with an Ice shooter and also two long rows of dormant Dark Bishops. They will activate as you move between them.

At the end of the hall the walkable area narrows and an ice shooter will fire at you. If you have some disc of repulsion then use them to deflect the ice projectiles while you're running through the narrow way. Otherwise, there is no way to avoid the shots this one fires, so get across as quickly as possible to avoid taking too many hits. Around the corner from this there is a pair of doors. One of these is currently sealed. Behind the other is the skull and exit portal.

Enter the room and deal with the Ettins and Dark Bishops that await you. To reveal the skull, you must go up the stairs along the edge of the room and press the switches at the ends. Once you press all of them, a wall will lower behind the portal revealing the skull. Note the Dark Servant at the top of the stairs on one side sits under a crusher making it very difficult to get and you will almost certainly take heavy damage. Also note the Castle key door next to it.

Take the portal to return to Hub 2: Constable's Gate (map).

Returning with the Castle Key

After completing the Hub 2: Locus Requiescat and collecting the Castle key, you can now open the Castle key door. Behind it is a switch, which opens the previously locked door outside this room.

Travel down the corridor jumping over the lava pits to enter a room you more than likely noticed through bars earlier. Deal with all the foes inside because a lot more are about to appear. Press the switch to the side of the water pool to open a wall behind you and teleport in a very large number of foes. Either battle them or run to the newly opened portal, which will take you to Hub 2: Treasury.

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