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Map name: MAP31

Cheat code: visit16


Map of Deathwind Chapel


First and only visit

You appear in a small room with three doors and a portal back. Only the wooden door (to the north) can be opened manually, the others will have to be opened via switches.

Open the northern door to enter a room full of Dark Bishops and a switch at the opposite end. Pull the switch, and an ascending flight of stairs will rise on the western wall. Beware of the Ettin that appears at the top. The stairs will take you to a balcony overlooking a large chamber of lava, along with numerous Afrits. After defeating them, you'll have to jump down to the lava to proceed. Directly to the right/north of the balcony, there is an open stairway - quickly make your way there. You'll find a larger balcony with a few Dark Bishops, a Quartz Flask, and another switch. After pulling it, go back down to the lava and enter the central structure, which is now accessible. Watch out for the Centaur if you didn't kill it before. On the opposite side of the pillar is an elevator, which will take you up to corridors with Dark Bishops on either side of you. The northern passage will take you back to the second balcony. Head south to find a new balcony with more Dark Bishops, a Quartz Flask, and another switch to pull. This will open the pillar in the central structure, so go back the way you came to avoid lava damage. The pillar will now have a skullface switch - activating it will open a passage at the southern end of the lava chamber, on the western wall (to your right). This leads back into the first room, where there will be a new descending staircase. These stairs will take you to a large pit surrounded by stairs. There will be many monsters to contend with - Afrits, a Dark Bishop, and Slaughtaurs that can shoot at you from the structure at the far end. You may find your ultimate weapon to be useful. In the middle is a platform with a Platinum Helm, which you'll need to step on. It is easiest to get on from the far structure, since you can just run across the small gap without jumping (even as the Mage). Once there, a new set of stairs will rise, leading back to the entrance. From here, ascend the stairs to a dead end with a Dark Bishop. There will now be a switch on your right - pull it, and the dead end wall will open to lead you back to the portal room.


Any Player Class

MonstersSkill 1-2Skill 3Skill 4-5
Dark Bishop243136

In addition, for every player class on every skill level there is a random number of Centaurs that are spawned in the room behind the third and final stone door to the south of portal room. The number is generated randomly in the range between 7 and 14. The range is independent of player class and skill level.

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