Heresiarch's Seminary is the third hub of Hexen. The overall theme is of the religion Korax has established to consolidate his power by having the people worship him, as shown by the name; a Heresiarch is one who practices heresy, which Korax-worship is by our standards, and a "seminary" is a teaching establishment, especially one created by and for a religious order.

Your mind still reeling from your encounters within the Hypostyle, you stagger toward what you hope is a way out. Things seem to move faster and faster, your vision blurs and begins to fade...

As the world collapses around you, the brightness of a teleportal engulfs you. A flash of light, and then you climb wearily to your feet.

You stand atop a high tower, and from below come the screams of the damned. You step forward, and instantly the sound of demonic chanting chills your blood.

By all the gods of death! What place have you come to? By all the gods of pain, how will you ever find your way out?


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