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Map name: MAP24

Cheat code: visit23


Map of Effluvium

The Effluvium is one of the maps on the mini-hub, the Gibbet.

This area is a sewer area that you will visit at least twice. Stalkers roam about in the muck.


First visit

You start in a area with a slime river. In the distance, a Stalker boss will shoot slime, so be ready to dodge. There are alcoves on either side with Ettins, along with Mana of both types. At the end of the corridor are stairs leading down to a slimy room with Stalkers in the muck. You will need to press the skullface switch in the third alcove on the right (northeast), which raises the slime level so you can continue forward (it also opens the exit behind you). There are plenty of Crystal Vials here to replenish your health. Down the next corridor, you’ll pass an iron door which won’t open for now. Jump up the righthand ledge at the end, and you’ll enter a room full of hanging tortured corpses. Outside, Centaurs, Slaughtaurs and Ettins will see you through the barred windows and become agitated. In the first window on the left, you will see the Dungeon Key, which is what you came for. The eastern wall with the metal knocker will open to a stairway to the outside surface. Be prepared for a big fight! Once you have cleared the area, you can pick up the Dungeon Key from the northern window alcove. Your objective complete, you can make your way back to the sewer corridor. The portal back to Gibbet is in the southeast alcove.

Second Visit

Third Visit

You can go through the Forsaken Outpost and Castle of Grief, but this is the shortcut to Gibbet. You will be back in the slimy cavern. The iron pillar is an elevator that takes you up. If you haven’t already, open the wall in front of you, and you will be back in the first sewer. From here, take the portal in the southeast alcove, and you’ll be back in Gibbet to complete the hub.


  • "Effluvium" means "unpleasant smell", referring to this level's sewer theme.


Fighter and Cleric Classes

MonstersSkill 1-2Skill 3Skill 4-5
Brown Chaos Serpent467
Stalker Boss256

Mage Class

MonstersSkill 1-2Skill 3Skill 4-5
Brown Chaos Serpent467
Stalker Boss257

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