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Map name: MAP21

Cheat code: visit20


Map of Forsaken Outpost

The Forsaken Outpost is one of the hub maps of Hub 4: Castle of Grief. There are two items on this map that you'll need to advance in Hub 4: Gibbet: the Liber Oscura and the Daemon Codex. You will also find access to the secret area Hub 4: Desolate Garden, if you crossed the trigger line on Hub 1: Bright Crucible and pulled the switch in the secret area of Hub 2: Shadow Wood, Hub 2: Sacred Grove. Otherwise the portal will be blocked, unless you use the "casper" cheat code.


First Visit

You start off in a cramped cave with several enemies which depend on your character class. The Fighter will face Ettins, the Cleric will fight a mix of Ettins and Afrits, and the Mage will fight Afrits. The eastern passage contains some Mana. The cave opens up to precipice area, where there are Green Chaos Serpents and a building at the far end. You can jump across the platform, but it is safest to walk along the eastern wall. There is another platform with Discs of Repulsion, but it requires a dangerous leap - the Fighter and Cleric can make it, but not the Mage. It will become safer later. In front of you are a pair of doors - they open simultaneously to a courtyard full of Centaurs and Slaughtaurs. Be sure that they don't sneak up on you from one doorway while you're fighting in the other.

Once inside, there are two Green Chaos Serpents on ledges at the far/northern corners. Past the pillars in the north is a large door that requires the Rusted Key to open. A couple more centaurs may attack you here. To either side of the door, there are ascending staircases that lead up to the corner ledges. The northeast ledge has a Platinum Helm, while the northwest ledge has a Quartz Flask. To proceed, take the descending stairs to the left of the locked door. This takes you to a small room with a bullhead switch - pull it, and a new passage will open directly to the south. After fighting through the Ettins, you will come to the Liber Oscura on a pedestal. Once you take it, the walls will open on the sides to unleash many Dark Bishops. Be careful not to get surrounded - it is safest to run back out of the room, although you can also fight from a corner. Once they're defeated, you can pick up mana from the side compartments.

Moving on, you will return to the courtyard where new areas have opened up. Two Green Chaos Serpents will be there to greet you. The southeast corner now offers you the rusted key, which will allow you to enter the main door.

Second and Final Visit

You will enter a small, chapel-like room. Surrounding you will be broken panes of stained glass, and Dark Bishops behind them. It is recommended that you keep Quartz Flasks ready and use your ultimate weapon for clearing the room. Once they’ve been dealt with, you can pick up Boots of Speed from the center alcove on the left (south). As you walk through the room, a linedef is triggered. The torches light, and a message appears: “A door opened in the Gibbet”, meaning that the Axe Key is now available. Ahead, you’ll be able to move aside the iron barrier to access the rest of the level. From here, the most convenient path back to Gibbet is by returning to Effluvium.

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