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Map name: MAP23

Cheat code: visit22


Map of the Gibbet

The Gibbet is one of the maps accessed from Hub 4: Castle of Grief (map). This is almost like a sub-hub in itself. From here, you can access Hub 4: Effluvium and Hub 4: Dungeons.


The level itself is a killing floor connected with an underground library, dungeon, balcony, hypostyle hall, and throne room.

First Visit

You’ll start on a platform very similar to the one you just left. Pulling the bullhead switch, you’ll descend into the central area of Gibbet, where several Afrits will greet you. The circular area has a pool in the center with a Stalker Boss in it (or a Stalker if you're the Fighter). To the left is a portal back to Castle of Grief. There are Flechettes around the perimeter.

You can explore the adjacent rooms and corridors to an extent. But the first objective is to solve the Yorick's Skull puzzle. First of all, you'll need the Liber Oscura and Daemon Codex, the two puzzle items from Forsaken Outpost. If not, you’ll need to take the portal back to Castle of Grief and go there. Assuming you have them, you’ll exit the wide southern opening of the circle, and go straight ahead down the southern corridor. The second bookcase on the left is the door to the library. It can damage you while it rotates, so move through swiftly. Once inside, you’ll fight numerous Ettins, some of them behind the stacks. Once you’ve cleared them, head to the eastern slanted wall. The easternmost bookshelf of the center row is the key - it has a unique design with a skullface on top, like the door. There are two openings in the row of books, where you’ll place the Liber Oscura and Daemon Codex. Once you’ve done this, the room darkens and several bookshelves lower to unleash Dark Bishops from the ceiling. In the middle of the bookcases, you’ll now find Yorick's Skull.

Second Visit


There is a script on this map that requires a very specific condition to activate that the player can accidentally render impossible to meet. The script must activate to allow further progress in the game.

In the room behind the Axe Door is a throne that four Chaos Serpents will teleport on to. The aforementioned script checks every few seconds that exactly three remain and lowers walls when the condition is met. However, it is possible for the player to reduce their number below three in those few seconds. In this case the script will never activate and the player will become permanently stuck.

If this should happen, use the "casper" cheat code and go through the walls on either side of the room, killing the Dark Bishops inside both hidden rooms. This will trigger the back wall to lower, revealing the second Heresiarch's lair. The Heresiarch may not be responsive, but attacking him will wake him up, and the game can proceed from there.

This bug was fixed in the version of the script included in the Version 1.1 WADfile.

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