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Map name: MAP38

Cheat code: visit29


Map of Traductus' Tomb

Traductus' Tomb is one of the three stops you have to make in Hexen, in Hub 5: Necropolis. If you are the Cleric, you will be able to assemble the three pieces of the Wraithverge here.


You will start off in a cavern passage with a fork in the road ahead. The left takes you to the exit portal, and the right takes you to a room full of Brown Chaos Serpents. You will be on a raised section with most of the serpents below you. Be careful, as there is an alcove on the lower right with more serpents lying in wait. A passageway set in an iron-girded wall leads to the Tomb structure itself, and Dark Bishops will be coming out. Going down the hallway, there will be two sets of side alcoves with stained glass windows, each with more Dark Bishops. The second stained glass window on the left is a false wall, and Dark Bishops will come from behind it. You can walk through to find a room with Quartz Flasks, or a segment of the Wraithverge if you are the Cleric. Before you move on, you can find a secret room in the first alcove on the right. The wall on the left of the stained glass window can be opened to reveal a small room. It contains two Dark Bishops, and a piece of the Wraithverge if you are the Cleric. Other characters will find Quartz Flasks.

Once Traductus has been defeated, you can take the Holy Relic, one of the three artifacts you need to enter the final level, Dark Crucible. The elevator you came down on, at the southern point of the triangle, will now be activated. From here you can make your way back to the cavern - if you can't jump up to the raised area, you can go up a narrow set of stairs at the far right end. From here, go down the passage to the exit portal.


Any Player Class

MonstersSkill 1-2Skill 3Skill 4-5
Brown Chaos Serpent468
Dark Bishop405056

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