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Map name: MAP39

Cheat code: visit30


Map of Vivarium

Vivarium is a bonus level in Hub 5: Necropolis in Hexen.


This level is optional, but it will provide lots of helpful items for the final hub. The entrance portal is only available before you enter any of the tombs, after which it is closed off.

Upon entry, you will be surrounded by lots of monsters. It is recommended that you use your ultimate weapon to clear them out, especially on higher difficulties. You will find yourself in a large room with four large raised platforms, each with a crushing ceiling slowly raising and lowering. On these platforms will be combined mana containers which will refill much of your mana. The crushing ceiling is slow, so you can collect them easily as long as you're careful.

To get back to the hub, use a weapon on one of the linedefs to either side of the middle hexagon at the north side of the map to lower a lift.


Depending on which character class you play as, different enemies appear in the level. As the Fighter, there will be Centaurs, Slaughtaurs, and Green Chaos Serpents. As the Cleric, you will face Dark Bishops, Brown Chaos Serpents, and Ettins. As the Mage, there will be Reivers, Afrits, and notably Wendigos, who otherwise only appear in the first hub. While there are always Ettins present, there are more for the Cleric.


Fighter Class

MonstersSkill 1-2Skill 3Skill 4-5
Green Chaos Serpent81418

Cleric Class

MonstersSkill 1-2Skill 3Skill 4-5
Brown Chaos Serpent101620
Dark Bishop4810

Mage Class

MonstersSkill 1-2Skill 3Skill 4-5

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