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Infinity s

Infinity (INFINITY.WAD) is a Doom episode replacement mod of eight levels, created by Bjorn Hermans and Holger Nathrath. As part of their 10 Years of Doom feature, Doomworld named it one of the ten best WADs of 1995.

The WAD replaces episode 1 of the game.

Levels Edit

Soundtrack Edit

E1M1: "Echoes.mid"

E1M2: "Donna Lee" by Miles Davis

E1M3: "Beat it" by Michael Jackson

E1M4: "Everybody Dance Now [Gonna make you Sweat]" by C+C Music Factory


E1M6: "Jump" by Van Halen

E1M7: "Too Funky" by George Michael

E1M8: "End Title Theme of Blade Runner" by Vangelis

Title Music: "Terminator 2 Theme" by Brad Fiedel

Intermission Music: "Halloween Theme" by John Carpenter

Text Music:

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