James Holiday

Transport Controller


Union Aerospace Corporation



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Communications Transfer: Maintenance and Transfer Station

James A. Holiday (Identification Number: 7085-64) was a transport controller assigned to the Communications Facility on Mars.

James' PDA can be found next to his dead body in Service Room 2A, along with a shipment of chainsaws. It may be likely he was killed by a chainsaw wielding zombie, in which if it is true, his complaints about chainsaws being useless in Mars is quite ironic.

PDA contents

Audio Logs

Artifact Transport Concerns

This is the audio log of controller James Holiday, dated September 24th, 2145.

The recent transport issues from Site 3 have caused the board to call a formal inquiry. We'll study weight limits and suggest better ways to provide protection for Site 3 artifacts. Our equipment... (static) What the f... Goddammit, these PDAs, does anything work with... (static) finish this later.


Those Damn Chainsaws! (11-13-2145)

Hey James,
What are we gonna do with all those chainsaws? We've got two shipments of excess medical equipment coming in very soon and we're gonna need the space. I can't believe someone mis-shipped those things. I can't think of a more useless piece of equipment then a chainsaw on Mars!?! Anyway you gotta help me get rid of these Beavertooths.


Site 1 needs (11-15-2145)

The UAC has terminated all research at site 1. This includes the McNeil projects. Arrangements for transportation and storage of useful equipment should be made immediately.

-Shipping Authority

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