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Jonathan Moses

Asset Coordinator


Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Administration: Union Aerospace Corporate Division (emails only)

Jonathan A. Moses (Identification Number: 2463-21) was an asset coordinator assigned to the Administration Complex on Mars. He received a locker from Martian Buddy.

PDA Contents


Free Stuff!! (10-09-2145)

Mr. Moses,

Congratulations, You have been selected to receive one of our free promotional storage cabinets loaded with useful things that we think you'll need. To access your new storage cabinet visit us on-line.

Martian Buddy
---and remember: You're always a winner with Martian Buddy!

Storage Cabinet (11-07-2145)

Mr. Moses,

We've recently received your storage cabinet from Martian Buddy, where would you like us to put it?

Thank You,
Jim Bowier
Shipping Authority

RE: Storage Cabinet (11-08-2145)

Mr. Moses,
Thank you for the quick reply, we will have it delivered to your office by the end of the week.

----Original Message----
Sent: 11-07-2145
To: Jim Bowier
Excellent, I can't believe it showed up so soon. Please have someone deliver it to my office in the North Hallway of Administration. I can't wait to see what they've sent me.



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