This level occupies the map slot MAP03. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP03.

MAP03: Storage House is the third map of The Twilight Zone. It was designed by Paul Corfiatis in early 1997.



MAP03 of Twzone.wad


You start outside on a small balcony with the entrance of the Storage House directly in front of you. Behind the door is a lift which takes you inside to a room of crates and Chaingunners where the Chaingun is easily obtained.

A. - A Switch (A1) inside a small room at the centre of the first crate room opens the door (A2) on the SW side of the room, a Cacodemon will attack you but is easily finished off with the Chaingun. Go down the stairs and progress North into the next room of crates.

B. - In the central room of Crates, fight off the Cacodemon (in which the Chaingunners should kill for you), Baron of Hell and Hell Knight and find a switch (B1). This switch opens a small door (B2) on the far eastern side of the room revealing the blue key.

C and D. - Go through the Blue Key door into another room of Crates where you must fight off more chaingunners and cacos. At the SE side of the room is a small room with the Red Key and a switch (C1). Press that switch and go back out through the blue key door into the central room of crates and on the far western side a small door (C2) has opened revealing another switch (D1). The red switch lowers the Red Key (D2) and then progression is pretty much straight forward. The Yellow Key is obtained in the Northern part of the map and the exit is easy to reach via the Northern loop.


1. Sounds pretty useless, but this secret will guarantee you 100% kills. Enter the Storage House and in the first room of Crates, head to the NE of the room and press on the northernmost portion of right (east) wall. You are rewarded with 6 stimpacks, 6X 4 shotgun shells but unfortunately they are guarded by a single Cacodemon.

DM ONLY This area has a DM start and a teleporter. It also has Romero's head inside it. This room is in due to the author's personal sense of humor. It does not count as a secret sector.

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