This level occupies the map slot MAP04. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP04.

MAP04: Fortress is the fourth map of The Twilight Zone. It was designed by Paul Corfiatis.



MAP04 of Twzone.wad


A - At the Start, go south up the Staircase and you are in a room which has a switch raising up to the ceiling. On the Western Side of this room is a Red Key Door, and on the NW side is a wooden barrier with Red Key markings on it which hides the Red Key switch. Press the green switch (as described first) in-between the cages to open a hidden door which heads eastwards. Progress through the door, up the stairs, down a lift and through a hallway that leads north then west. You will come to an area with Red Bricks where you can see the Exit Door and a Red Key in front of it. To the left of the entrance is a Switch (A1) press it and go back to the Red Key door and on the right is a switch (A2) press it to raise the bridge {A3} and get the Red Key. The Exit Door requires the Blue Key.

B - Go through the Red Key door and down a lift, head West. There is a dark room in the SW which has a Door (B5) that cannot be opened. Another Door (B2) is also locked. Shoot the Lava (B1) to open the Door (B2). You are in a wooden Library with 8 bookshelves, 4 on each side. The Bookshelf on the far NW side of the Library contains a switch (B3) opens the Door in the Centre of the room. Progress through that Door until you find a Hell Knight and a Switch (B4) which opens the Door (B5). Head back south to that Door and inside are 4 Hanging Commander Keens. Kill them and the Baron of Hell to get the Blue Key and progress back through the level to the Exit. An Arch-Vile is behind the Exit Door so Extra Careful.


1. At the Start, go south up the Staircase and you are in a room which has a switch raising up to the ceiling. Behind there are two cages. At the SE corner of the room, press on the gargoyle to reveal a secret room revealing a Backpack and some Health.

2. On the Eastern Hallway, you will come across a room with Shotgun Guys inside it where they can shoot through the windows at you. There is a Blue Armor inside that room. Press on the right (Northern) window to lower it and go inside and grab the Shotguns and Blue Armor.

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