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MAP04: Nucleus is the fourth level of Eternal Doom and was designed by Sverre Andre "Cranium" Kvernmo. You have entered the loading zone and it is filled with crates. Once you find the red key, you descend back underground into a sewage treatment area.



You can get the backpack and the chainsaw on this level. The red key is obvious in loading bay 3. Hidden behind crates in a corner of this area is a lift to the gold key. To get the blue key, pass through the brown effluent downpour in a room off the underground tunnel (looks like a solid column but don't be fooled). The exit is a teleport pad in the central, underground rotunda surrounded by green killer slime. To get to it, throw the switch on the rotunda wall opposite the entrance. You will like to have full life points for this.

There are at least four radiation suits that you can use in the green slime rotunda: One is behind the pillar down in the back. Three are in a room that you can reach by going into the tunnel to the west, taking the lift into a white tiled room, and proceeding to the next two rooms. In the last room, the switch on the island will open three radiation suit compartments. Although it is a long way back to the rotunda, you should be able to reach it with 30 seconds left before the suit wears out.


When you find the yellow skull key, next to the room leading to it there is two small control rooms at its opposite sides. One has what looks like two blue doors (actually just decoration) and a switch in it. Push it and in the other one, the wall next to the control panel sinks down.

Also, in cargo bay 1, you will unlock a control panel. Pushing the button opens a door on the left hand side of the panel, you can see it on the map.

The previous level is MAP03: Inter-Base (Eternal Doom)

The next level is MAP05: Time Gate (Eternal Doom)

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