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Harmony maps

MAP05: The Hospital is a map in Harmony taking place in a Hospital. However, there is a shortage of medikits here.


  1. Climb the crates to the north, and wall-walk to the entrance of the hospital.
  2. When in the hospital, head directly north. You should enter a lobby, where you can get the yellow key.
  3. Return south, and ride up the lift. Head north, and follow the path until you reach the yellow key door. Open it.
  4. Outside, you can get cell packs and and the entropy thrower. This is an effective weapon here for clearing the nearby followers, and as you turn the corner, the Beastlings.
  5. Get the purple keycard from the south.
  6. Return outside, and head to the north-west. Open the door, and go through the rooms. You should see a laser beam - shoot the glowing object on the side to disarm it.
  7. Head south towards the exit. It is opened by a switch next to the doorway.


  1. At step 5, use the dresser in the southwest of the purple key room. This reveals a passage leading to armor.

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