This level occupies the map slot MAP06. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP06.

MAP06: Hell Knight Station is the sixth map of The Twilight Zone. It was designed by Paul Corfiatis. Hence the name, this base style level contains seven Hell Knights.



MAP06 of Twzone.wad


This level is fairly straight forward, you start in a room with 4 doors, 3 needing a key. The southernmost door is unlocked allowing you through first.

A - Switch A1 opens Door A2, once you get the Yellow Key, kill the Imps, Chaingunners and Hell Knight and press switch A3, go back to the start and open the Yellow Key Door. The Blue key is located behind the Yellow Key.

B - Switch B1 opens Door B2, the Red Key is straight ahead. Once obtained, avoid the crushers, destroy the 3 Cacodemons which are revealed in the NE tech room. At the start a Hell Knight is revealed.

C - Go through the Red Key Door and progress through the area. Once you reach the end of a cave press switch C1 to reveal a secret teleporter C2 behind you. This takes you to the area where the Yellow Key was once located but a hidden entrance C3 has opened and it counts as a secret (see below) you can get the Blue Key and go back to the starting room to exit the Level.


1. - At the Start head south past the two crates then west up the staircase. The top step activates the SW Crate revealing secret room containing a Soulsphere, Backpack, Bullets and Shells.

2 and 3. - A little further on is a room with two tekwall pillars, on their southern end each contains an blinking arrow. Opening them reveals two Cyberdemons, one on each side which are immediately teleported into the cages to be crushed. Each Cyber was in a secret sector, the left contains some Health Potions and to the right, Armor Bonuses.

4. - Go through the Red Key door and on the SE wall is a hidden door taking you to the Rocket Launcher and a switch that lowers the Partial Invisibility.

5. - This Secret Area has 3 Shotgun Guys and takes you to the Blue Key. Please read the C section above for more info.

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