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MAP06: Pathos is the sixth level of Eternal Doom and was designed by Alex Mayberry, who also designed level one. It is the last level of episode 1. The time gate has transported you into the past. You start off in a medieval castle, but it seems Hell's minions have taken up residence in the year 750 as well!



When you are in the waterway in the basement, the Blue key is behind the archway drain directly opposite the ladder you use to get out. Use it to open the wall right in front of the ladder and take the lift inside. The Red key is deep in the catacombs, and you need to break through the back wall of the secret chamber near the red key door to access them. (Try the picture panel in the hallway hinted to by the broken window). The Yellow key is through a door directly opposite the room containing two pools and the yellow key door itself. The door opens for six seconds when you push a dark face stone on the aforementioned room's gallery. When you first touch the key you are teleported to a closed area with a missile launcher. Grab it very fast and use it on the imp and arch vile that join you soon enough. Open the exit teleporter hidden in the column opposite and be ready to battle an army of imps in the yellow key room. When the exit is in sight, be careful. Take a look at one of the paintings on the wall opposite the exit and you might come up with an idea of what's in store... Just behind the final monster is an Invulnerability sphere which is impossible to see at first. Dodge past fast to get it then either try to blast it to death (tall order) or hit the final EXIT switch to leave it behind.


  • There are some walls you can break through. One is right outside the double doors that swing open and has a blue armor in it.
  • When you are going up the outside stairway with the trees on it, drop off the cliff for a megasphere.

The previous level is MAP05: Time Gate (Eternal Doom)

The next level is MAP07: The Abbey (Eternal Doom)

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