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This level occupies the map slot MAP09. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP09.
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MAP09: Even Simpler is the ninth map of Doom 64 and contains some of the eeriest and most frightening BGM. It is the first level to take place in Hell, and as such the sky changes from a starry, space sky to a burning red sky with ominous clouds. It is a homage to MAP07: Dead Simple from Doom II. It is also the first map to feature the mancubus (encounterable from the player in the MAP29: Outpost Omega later...).

100% Completion

Map09 Mancubi D64

A simple map

Doom64 MAP09

Grab every item you can and hit the switch. The platform you are on will rise and you will find yourself in a small, semi-closed off arena surrounded by Mancubi and a slew of items, weapons and ammo. Killing every Mancubus in the area will unleash a second wave of monsters in the hallways and entrances around the area; this time Cacodemons and Hell Knights. Killing them all will cause an Invulnerability Sphere to appear in the center of the arena where the player started the level (though since no demons will be present he can use this lull in the action to stock up on health and ammo). Grabbing the sphere will unleash the third and final wave of enemies: Barons, Pain Elementals and more Mancubi, with a third new area beyond the outer hallways unlocked containing more ammo (placed upon upraised steps that will activate arrow-shooting traps). Killing every enemy in this wave will cause the Exit switch to rise from the center of the area.


  1. lost souls
  2. cacodemons
  3. hell knights
  4. barons of hell
  5. pain elementals
  6. mancubis



There are no secrets in this level.

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