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Harmony maps

MAP09: The Launch Base is a map for Harmony. It is also rotated 90 degrees from the previous map.


If you are low on health, it may be sometime before you get a medikit. As such, be careful.

  1. In the south-east corner, there is a vent to enter the main tunnel. There is a total of two enemies visible, others are released later.
  2. In the tunnels, head to the west edge, and climb into the vent. You will encounter a lot of criters, but they are easily killed.
  3. Turn north t the large room and climb the stairs. before you flip the switch to lower the center elevator, equip an explosive weapon or some other attack that is good at a large number of targets. Lower the elevator, and kill the followers, before collecting the green key. Use it to open the north door.
  4. Destroy monsters as you go down the lift and through the corridor. Take the first north branch and locate the yellow key in the room.
  5. Return to the corridor, and you will directly encounter the yellow key door. Open it, enter the vent by climbing along the objects on the south-west, adn you'll return to the missile base. A door opens for you. Enter it.
  6. Go through the room, and exit the other side. This provides access to the east missile silos.
  7. Go up the lift to enter the eastern silos. In the south silo, flip the switch in the south-west corner. In the north silo, flip the north-east switch. You can now exit the silo, and proceed east.
  8. You should reach a missile control room. Flip all five switches to launch the missiles, and extend a bridge leading west.
  9. Head west, and turn to the right. Collect the purple key, and use it to unlock the exit.
  10. When outside, use the plunger to blast open the wall.
  11. Proceed east, and flip the switch to the north. This allows access to the ship.
  12. Clear the mines surrounding the ship, and enter it to exit the level.


  1. During Walkthrough step 5, the bar has a painting in the south-east corner. Use the painting, and a secret will open in the north west of the room, revealing +100% health.

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