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MAP16: The Chapel Of Black Granite (Hell Revealed II)

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This level occupies the map slot MAP16. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP16.
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MAP16: The Chapel of Black Granite is the sixteenth map of Hell Revealed II. It was designed by Sam Woodman, who also wrote the music track for this level, "Ambience II".


File:HR2 MAP16 map.png
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Other points of interest


  1. At the start of the map, turn around and push the wall to reveal a plasma gun. (Sector 27)
  2. After using the first elevator, you see an unreachable blue armor on the left side. Simply shoot at the bars behind it. (Sector 6)
  3. In the room with the blue and yellow door, go through the door which doesn't require any key. Follow the path just after the lift. Shoot the eastern lantern, so the switch behind the northern lantern becomes reachable. Actiavate the switch, so the BFG-9000 and invisibility sphere in the following room become accessible. (Sector 144)
  4. In the - so far explored - most northern part of the map is a room which contains some mancubi as well as one (on easy, two on medium and hard skill) cyberdemon. On the eastern wall is a switch, which reveals another switch, that reaveals another switch, and so on. The switch on the south western pillar also opens the northern side of the central northern pillar (Sector 173), which contains two boxes of shells.
  5. The switch on the north western pillar also opens the southern side of the central southern pillar (Sector 175), which contains two medikits.
  6. West of the exit, you see a blue armor. shoot at the bars behind it to open a part of the wall. Pass that, kill the mancubus and open the wall behind it to reach the blue armor. (Sector 204)
  7. East of the exit, you see a bulk cell (there are six bulk cells at least on hard skill). shoot at the bars behind it to open a part of the wall. Pass that, kill the mancubus and open the wall behind it to reach the bulk cell. (Sector 209)


Demo files

Areas / screenshots


Routes and tricks

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Map data



This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

MonstersITYTD and HNTRHMPUV and NMMP on UV
Arch-Viles6 10 18 18
Barons of Hell0 2 2 2
Chaingunners18 27 45 45
Cyberdemons1 3 3 3
Demons45 45 45 45
Hell Knights9 16 24 24
Imps71 96 114 114
Mancubi12 12 12 12
Revenants28 38 37 37
Spectres6 4 4 4
Spider Masterminds3 3 3 3
Troopers13 0 0 0
PowerupsITYTD and HNTRHMPUV and NMMP on UV
Backpacks1 1 1 4
Blue armors2 2 2 2
Computer maps1 1 1 1
Invisibilities1 1 1 1
Medikits57 57 32 40
Megaspheres2 2 0 0
Soul Spheres1 1 3 3
Stimpacks13 13 28 28
Super shotguns1 1 1 5
Rocket launchers1 1 1 2
Plasma rifles1 1 1 1
BFG 9000s1 1 1 1
AmmunitionITYTD and HNTRHMPUV and NMMP on UV
Bullet boxes2 2 2 2
Shells16 16 16 16
Shell boxes52 52 52 52
Rocket boxes45 65 65 65
Cells49 49 49 49
Bulk cells15 15 14 14
Blue skulls1 1 1 1
Red skulls1 1 1 1
Yellow skulls1 1 1 1

Technical information

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