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This level occupies the map slot MAP25. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP25.

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MAP25: Cat And Mouse is the 25th map of Doom 64. It is the first level that can not be accessed through normal play and must be accessed using the features menu acquired from beating MAP32: Hectic or with a specific password. The background music is the same heard in MAP02: The Terraformer and MAP16: Blood Keep. In Doom 64 TC, it is accessed from MAP01: Staging Area.


A notably difficult map, Cat and Mouse consists of only a few winding hallways that bend at sharp, right angles. One Cyberdemon stands in front of you, active as soon as you start, with Nightmare Imps throwing fireballs at you from cages located throughout the entire map. The player will find a rocket launcher, many rocket boxes, and one berserk pack throughout the stage. The only way to beat it is to kill the Cyberdemon, which is easier said than done given the level's relative smallness and its ability to teleport to several different spots. The level ends when the Cyberdemon is slain.

Doom64 MAP25

There is a trick to dealing with the Cyberdemon at the start; if the player strafes to the right as fast as they can at the level's start, they can avoid being seen by the Cyberdemon and can run around the various parts of the level as long as they does not attack (for example, shoot the Nightmare Imps); this will cause the Cyberdemon to come after them.


There is a hidden hallway filled with singular rockets and health bonuses.


There is actually one name reference under the map's title, "Cat and Mouse".

The translation looks like this:

Doom 64 (Not translated): "Cat and Mouse"

TV show (translated): "Tom and Jerry"