Pandemonium is the eighteenth map of Ultimate Doom for the Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn. It was designed by Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen. Pandæmonium is the name of the capital of hell and the palace of Satan in John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost.


Heavy revisions were made to this map in its conversion from the PC to the Saturn and PSX consoles.

There are now only two "tunnels" for the players to start in, as opposed to the original's four, due to PSX Doom having a maximum of two players.

A large area to the west of the map incorporating several rooms, corridors and a staircase were cut from this version of the map.

A number of corridors which provide interconnectivity between different areas of the map have been removed altogether. This has effectively divided the map into "east" and "west" areas. The player starts in the "west" area.

Various simplifications were made to the map's geometry, giving the rooms a squarish appearance, with corridors mostly being straight with fewer distorted or curving areas.


It is possible to make Hell Knights and Hell Barons infight on this map, since each species is vulnerable to the other's ranged attacks in Playstation Doom. While this is not technically a bug, it is interesting monster behaviour that does not correspond with the original or any other port of Doom.

Routes and tricks

== Trivia ==
*This map was originally started by Tom Hall and was designed to be a laboratory, as described in the Doom Bible.

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