Mate Crncevic, also known as "Relic" is a Doom speedrunner in Australia. He was most active between the years 2011 to 2013.


Relic was born on 26 of November, 1995 and sited that he first played Doom in 2003.

Over his active speedrunning years, he has submitted a couple of COMPET-N Doom speedrun demos and over 80 demos to the Doomed Speed Demo Archive. The most notable of his demos submitted to the COMPET-N datebase are his UV-Respawn demo of The Ultimate Doom's E1M9; Military Base in 02:07 (r1m9-207) and his UV-Respawn demo of Hell Revealed's Map 6; The Round Crossroads in 03:45 (he06-345).

He has been inactive with creating new speedruns for Doom since 2013, but since then he has recorded and uploaded all of his Doomed Speed Demo Archive demos to his YouTube channel.

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