Megasphere map30

A megasphere is among the stockpile of items in the first room of Doom II MAP30: Icon of Sin.


Megaspheres in Doom 64 display a helmet similar to the player's, rather than a demonic face.

The megasphere is a cream colored orb with a snarling demonic face (similar to that of the Mancubus). It was first introduced in Doom II. Picking it up maxes out both the player's health and armor to 200%. The armor given by a megasphere is equivalent to blue armor. The game manual states that "Mega Spheres combine the power of combat armor with the benefits of a Soul Sphere. What more could you want?" However, this is incorrect, as Soul Spheres will only add 100 points to the player's current health, whereas Megaspheres increase the player's health to 200%, under any circumstances.

Megaspheres are included in the items percentage displayed at the end of each level.

Megasphere data
Thing type83 (decimal), 53 (hex)
Appears inDoom II/Final Doom

Appearance statistics

The IWADs contain the following numbers of megaspheres:

Doom II191919
TNT: Evilution171312

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