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Mike Watson (aka Cyb or Cyberdemon) is a well-known mapper and contributor to the Doom community. He is currently on a hiatus from Doom-related activities.

Watson was once the webmaster of DoomNation, a major Doom news site, until the site was closed in 2000. He is also known for running the humor site, Doom, Damnit. More recently, he contributed to the running of Doomworld.

He is a prominent mapper. Some of his level credits include:

Some of Cyb's earlier WADs are of a lesser quality than his later ones. These include:

In between 2004 and 2006 he was working on a Void sequel as well as a ZDoom megawad, Doom Jr. 2 (which was not supposed to mimic the extremely poor quality of the first one). Neither of these projects have been finished and Cyb has not worked on them since 2006.

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