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Enjay's symbol

Nigel "Enjay" Rowand
a Scottish veteran of the Doom community, creating WADs for the game since 1994, the biggest to date being the unreleased Aspects Total Conversion. Rowand is also notable on his tutorials on DeHackEd. Rowand generally begins his WAD names with "NJ" as a signature.


  • BGPA Missions: Burghead Liberation at Doomworld/idgames is perhaps Enjay's most famous project. A TC of his own design with 5 missions which focuses on an agent of the BGPA (British Galatic Police Association) and the liberation of the town Burghead taken over by the evil Tyrranical Inca Empire on the planet of Mons Grampius. Like operation overlord use of cover, sniping and stealth are used as some enemies are pretty powerful.

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