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This level occupies the map slot MAP27. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP27.
No brakes1

Screenshot of No Brakes

No brakes2

Screenshot of No Brakes


Screenshots of No Brakes

No Brakes is a single player level for Doom II requiring a limit removing port. It was released on the 4th of February, 2005 by Thomas "Lutrov71" Lutrov and Cyber-Menace.

The map is large and difficult and is mainly influenced by Plutonia, but also gains influence from Alien Vendetta and many Erik Alm style maps. No Brakes has a good level of detail and lighting and is full of monsters. "This guy throws everything but the kitchen sink at you in this map." -Bob Larkin

The name 'No Brakes' was derived from a song by The Offspring, and was a starting point of how the gameplay of the map would be like.

The map was originally designed for the Doomworld Community Chest 2 community megawad, however it was withdrawn. After being entered and then withdrawn in a spate from other similar projects it came to settle within the NDCP community megawad. It was however, later released separately, as the NDCP project was progressing too slowly for the author's likings. A copy of No Brakes remains in the NDCP project, but remains identical to the already released version of the map.



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