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No Rest for the Living is the title of the new Doom II expansion pack developed by Nerve Software for the release of Doom II on the XBLA. It is also included in the Doom 3 BFG Edition. The title, No Rest for the Living may be a play off of the murder mystery novel titled "No Rest for the Dead" written by Sandra Brown.


The episode consists of nine levels in all, eight standard levels and a single secret level, as a homage to the similarly structured nine-map episodes in the original Doom, particularly Knee-Deep in the Dead[1]. As Doom II did not have episodes per se calling No Rest for the Living an episode is technically a misnomer. The new maps are a separate selectable campaign at the inception of the game, in a fashion similar to Doom's episode selection. Selecting "Hell on Earth" propels the player into the classic 32 map Doom II campaign, whereas selecting "No Rest for the Living" starts the new 9 map addition. Completing No Rest for the Living in singleplayer on any difficulty unlocks the "And Back Again" Achievement, and unlocks the "Doom II Marine Suit" Avatar award.

According to Nerve Software boss Brandon James the expansion set "continues on Earth after Hell's forces have [seemingly] been vanquished".

The goal of the expansion is to travel to a pocket dimension of Hell and assassinate a Cyberdemon that has been building an army of demons for his own personal use. No Rest for the Living takes advantage of the expanded capacity of modern systems, with significantly more enemies on-screen at the same time than in the original Doom 2, especially in the later levels.


Playing on a computer

The Episode is implemented as a PWAD which can be extracted if you own the XBLA version and a USB stick.

  1. Copy the Arcade Game to a USB stick on the Xbox 360
  2. Get the Xtaf USB Explorer
  3. Connect the USB stick to your computer
  4. Use the Open Disk menu option
  5. Locate the 32MB large DOOM2:XBLA file and Extract it to Disc
  6. Open the extracted file with wxPirs
  7. Extract a file called Doom2.disk (This Contains all relevant Game Data)
  8. Open Doom2.disk with a Hex editor and search for the string PWAD
  9. Extract everything from PWAD to the last SECTORMAP string you can find after that
  10. Save this data to D2_NRFTL.WAD and use it with the source port of your choice

Please note that the secret exit of level 4 will not put you to Level 9 unless a MAPINFO lump appropriate to your port of choice is used. An example is available here (does not specify music or sky).

also, you can only play on a pc with this method, or on a mac if you have bootcamp.

If you have Doom 3 BFG Edition on PC, you can take the nerve.wad file supplied in the files and use it in ZDoom (and other source ports that support it). If used with Doom II, ZDoom will automatically implement No Rest for the Living in the episode screen.


  • The Maps of the episode bear a similar (shape-wise) style to Doom 64 levels.


  1. Shacknews comment on May 26, 2010

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