Born in Turlock, California, Noah "Mr.INSANE" Woodward got his start in the Doom community in the Doomsday HQ forums, regularly helping other users with problems. Later, in February of 2004, he started a team to make a capture the flag modification for Doomsday. The team made some major accomplishments, but over the winter, its coder, "hexagon", disappeared. The project currently has no coder, so the only work being done is on the maps.

After the CTF team stagnated, he started on a map called Doom Hotel, which was never released due to coding and real-life problems. He has also created a small map called Crossfire, along with a revision called Crossfire 2.0.

He has been in one clan, Clan Delta, but left because of its inactivity. Currently, Mr.INSANE is beta testing maps for Darkshadow and some other people.

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