Paul Raad

Chief Technical Officer


Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Enpro Plant: Energy Processing and Storage (audio log only)

Paul E. Raad (Identification Number: 3126-66) was the chief technical officer for the EnPro facility on Mars.

PDA contents

Audio Logs

Cooling Rods Replacement

Paul Raad, chief technical officer for the EnPro facility.

During my weekly inspection of the coolant system, I discovered yet another safety violation. As I've stated repeatedly, our service manuals must be followed to the letter. Now this includes changing back filters for the coolant system on schedule and not when maintenance gets around to it. As you know, unclean back filters will create pressure inside the coolant system's release tubes. Even a minor disruption in a release tube can dislodge or destroy its coolant rod, overheating the core and possibly sending the entire facility up in smoke. Now let me be clear, if I see this again, the team responsible will be transferred to sewage treatment before the day is over.

Sentry Problems

Paul Raad, chief technical officer for the EnPro facility.

I appreciate UAC's concerns following the number of stress-related illnesses spreading throughout the base. However, I don't understand why we require such a large detail of armed security bots in EnPro. Now you may disagree, but I trust my team's mental condition far more than whatever programming is running inside those bots, which brings me to the reason for this report. Today, one of my best engineers, Patrick Thomas, was nearly shot when a bot refused his clearance. That's right, shot. Luckily a nearby team from maintenance caught up to it and smashed it with a pipe wrench before it could chase Pat down. Now, it'll be days before he's ready to return to work and I don't think you'll ever get him close to one of those bots again. Our jobs are difficult enough without needing to avoid getting shot. If we're going to be treated like prisoners, I respectfully request that you afford us the courtesy of being guarded by people instead of machines.


The New Taboo! (11-10-2145)

New Clone Porn movies posted daily! Is this the new taboo? Come and see what everyone is talking about. See gorgeous identical clones in action.

Only 15 credits per month!

Ice Cream Social (11-12-2145)

All Staff,

As a reminder, tomorrow is our Ice Cream Social in the Mars City Kitchen. We will have the typical flavors of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, blueberry... and a few surprises.

I really hope you'll be at this event. The Social Committee is working hard to find fun things for us to do on our meager budget. It is a real downer when people don't show up.

I mean, c'mon... only 7 of you came to our pizza social last month. If you've got better ideas for the Social Committee, please forward them along.

We hope to see you tomorrow!

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