Phobos is a likely African-American (considering the suggested United States-background of the Marines), Marine who appeared in Quake III Arena and Quake Live, and is meant to be tied to the events in the Doom universe.


According to information from the Quake III Arena manual, Phobos was an experienced veteran who went to Phobos with the rest of his team (including the later Doom Marine) He was a courageous, determined Officer that was also a "Gentleman", and perished there with most of his team.

Inaccurately, the manual states that Phobos was betrayed by his superiors who "rather watch him die, then studying the reports" which makes no sense (in the original game), especially considering that there were no survivors on Phobos (at least in the original DooM game) and they were the only combat team on the moonbase.

Phobos does not appear in the original barebones Doom story , but is likely based on the co-op mode characters (clones of the main character).

Behind the scenes

  • Phobos is probably a characterization of the 4th player's reddish-orange color in the original DOOM's co-op mode.
  • A figure of Phobos was released along with the "Doomguy" from Doom as a Doom-related set by Symbiotes.
  • A Figurine can be found in the 2016 DOOM reboot, called Phobosguy, sharing the same iconic color scheme.
  • Phobos received his own Quakecon collector's toy, which has a removable helmet showing the individual's face. Doomguy was released at the same time as a companion item.
  • Quake Champions appears to set Doom (character)'s Quake appearances as part Doom Slayer complete history. Canonically Quake Champions is a prequel to Quake III Arena. The game also establishes that Doom Slayer is the same character from Quake, including the original Doom Trilogy/Final Doom/64, as well as Doom 3. According to Tom Hall, the Doom Marine is the descendent of William J. Blazkowicz and Commander Keen.[1]