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"The Pistol is a sidearm with limitless ammo that is most effective against weaker targets."
― Arsenal description [src]

The UAC EMG Sidearm, also known as the Pistol, is a weapon featured in Doom (2016). Unlike its original iterations, it shoots directed-energy beams instead of bullets, and also has unlimited ammo. The pistol is the first weapon found in the game, found near the Doom Marine's sarcophagus.

Tactical analysis

The pistol is very weak compared to other weaponry in the game, so it should not be used if the player has alternative weapons available. However if the player is out of ammo for these weapons, the pistol can be used to take down weaker enemies such as Imps and The Possessed. It is not advised to take on larger foes (such as Hell Knights) with the pistol, due to their higher damage resistance.

The Charged Energy Shot is a useful tool for finishing staggered demons out of Glory Kill range, provided you don't have the Intimacy is Best rune equipped. Even without the Mastery upgrade, it is capable of staggering an Imp on a fully charged body shot, or dispatching it in one well-aimed, full-charge shot to the head. It can also stagger Possessed Soldiers, Possessed Securities (provided it isn't blocked by their shields) and Hell Razers with a fully charged headshot.


The Pistol comes with a pre-installed weapon modification which can be upgraded without Field Drone. This modification allows the pistol to be charged up for more damage in a manner similar to Quake's Blaster.

Charged Energy Shot
Hold the Weapon Mod button to power up a Charged Energy Round.
Charge Efficiency Decreases the time it takes to power up a Charged Energy Shot. Weapon Upgrade Points
Quick Recovery Decreases the recovery time for the pistol after using a Charged Energy Shot.
Light Weight Move at full speed when using the Charged Energy Shot.
Increased Power Increases the maximum power of the Charged Energy Shot, resulting in higher damage potential. Purchase all upgrades and complete the Weapon Mastery challenge
Mastery Challenge Unlocks the "Increased Power" upgrade. Get 15 headshot kills with the Charged Energy Shot.


  • EMG stands for "Energy-Matter-Gel".
  • Despite using directed energy as ammunition, the weapon ejects cases when fired.
  • The Charged Energy Shot for the pistol is similar to the Vortex Rifle's charged shot; the longer it is aimed down the sights, the more damage it will cause.
  • The pistol model is very similar to the Blaster from Quake 2 and 4, also developed by iD Software.
  • A closer look on the pistol shows there are two Japanese kanji (or Chinese) characters inscribed, which appear to be "刀无". In Chinese, 刀无 (dāo wú) means no knife.
  • On the side of the pistol, it says "LFG," possibly meaning "Little Fucking Gun."
  • There is a multiplayer equivalent, known as the Mark V Pistol.
  • Originally the Pistol fired normal pistol rounds rather than limitless energy, and it's appearance was notably a futuristic version of the Beretta M9 from the Classic Doom games.
  • The Pistol bears a resemblance to the 10mm pistol from the Fallout series.