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Possessed Soldier
Will gib when health is


Attack Damage

Plasma weapon

Found in

Ammo, Health

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Possessed Soldiers are former humans turned into zombies by the demon invasion that appear in Doom. They are updated renditions of the Zombieman from the original Doom and the Z-Sec from Doom 3.

In-Game Description


While Lazarus Wave exposure does effectively wipe any vestige of human behavior from most of its victims,some subjects continue to display tactical cognizance posthumously. As with Possesed Engineers, this does not appear to be random. If an individual has training in combat (as part of the UAC Military) the Lazarus Wave event will transform them into more than mere slaves. This anomaly further supports the theory that there is some form of genetic coding embedded within the Lazarus Wave particles which governs the outcome of Lazarus Wafe/exposure on a per-case basis.


The Possessed Soldier wears white armor with shoulderpads and kneepads, as well as a broken helmet and a chest plate which has become fused to the chest. Their helmets seem to be melted into their faces, leaving only one eye and the mouth visible. One of the most notable features of the Possessed Soldiers is the gun which has become fused to their arms.

Combat Characteristics

The Possessed Soldier fires red plasma balls at the player which gives them a big advantage compared to their other Possessed brethren as they are capable of firing from a safe distance. They are also capable of charging up their weapon and firing several large plasma balls that deal great damage and can be difficult to dodge. Possessed Soldiers will try to stay at a safe distance from the player while shooting at them, however they will continue shooting even if the player gets close to them and will attempt to swipe at the player when close enough.

Tactical Analysis

The Possessed Soldiers are stronger than the average Possessed, but a few shotgun blasts or shots from the Heavy Assault Rifle are enough to kill them. Their projectiles are slow and the Soldiers themselves are not very fast either, so strafing around them and not in straight lines while shooting them will help to dispatch them quickly.


  • Possessed Soldiers appear to have a Plasma Rifle that may have been attached during the transformation process, the only difference being that the projectiles fired from the rifle are red instead of blue.
  • The armor of Possessed soldiers appear similar to that of the UAC armour set in Multiplayer, albeit missing multiple parts.

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