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Project Platform is a website and forum dedicated to the posting of progress reports, screenshots or other such information on Doom projects conceived by its members, similar to WADs in Progress - although WADs are posted about in separate topics.

The site is administrated by Jimmy91. Its tagline is "The only place for Doom projects" (which is a punchline without factual basis).


The forum is divided into three sections for its mods - New Levels (for maps, megawads and TCs), Multiplayer (for multiplayer source ports, skins and different online play modes) and Miscellaneous (for music and weapon/monster modifications). A fourth section, Discussion, exists for admins/mods to post topics on the site itself, and off-topic forum, and also two individual forums for Released and Abandoned projects. A fifth section, dubbed Oblivion, exists for people to post random, needless thoughts or for moderators to move useless threads where regular users cannot post in them. This section is auto-pruned every 14 days.

Currently, a Temp section is up with one forum dedicated to the playtesting of the latest "important" releases, approved by the administrator(s).

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