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Psychophobia is a mod for Doom II, which works with GZDoom or Skulltag.

The game features:

Screenshot Doom 20121021 142439

Psychophobia Gameplay Screenshot

  • Screenshot Doom 20121021 142421

    PsychoPhobia Title Screen

    New campaign (three episodes).
    • The Way Of a Psycho
    • The Dark Ages
    • Hell
  • A laboratory (A place where the player can summon monsters and fight them or make them fight each other).
  • New HUD.
  • New Monsters (around 84).
  • New Weapons (around 30).
  • New Textures.
  • New Music.
  • New Sounds.
  •  Different playable characters:
    •  Psycho from Blood
    •  Caleb from Blood
    •  Voodoo from Heretic
    •  Train from Quake II
  • 3D Weapons version where the weapons are completely 3D.

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