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The punch dagger at rest.


Punching with upgraded stamina.

The Punch-Dagger is the first and basic weapon of Strife. The player begins the game with only a punch dagger (sometimes called a Katar).

The sprites for the Punch Dagger are greatly based on the fists sprites in Doom and Doom II, though mirrored horizontally.

Tactical analysis

In general, the punch dagger is only useful until better weapons such as the Crossbow and Assault Rifle are obtained. However, the Stamina stat in Strife that affects the player's health cap will also make the punch dagger much stronger, to the point that some players have claimed that they can take out an Inquisitor with a single lucky hit of the Punch Dagger with 90 out 100 Stamina points.

It also useful against Acolytes, especially with the stamina upgrades, where it is possible to gib an acolyte in one punch. It also has infinite ammo, and shares with Poison bolts the fact that using it won't compromise stealth and thereby set off alarms.

Strife weapons
Punch Dagger Crossbow Assault Rifle Mini Missile Launcher Grenade launcher Flamethrower Mauler The Sigil

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