Doom (2016) maps

Resource Operations is the second level of Doom (2016), the mission involving this map called Know Your Enemy.

The Resource Operations facility has been overrun by demons, who are standing in the way of finding out the full extent of Hell's invasion. You set out to restore power to the facility and its satellite dish and kill as many demons as you can along the way. When you realign the dish, Samuel Hayden blocks your access and summons you to the VEGA terminal, where you will find your first Argent Cell and some answers as to what the Hell is going on, as well as the name of your enemy: Olivia Pierce.

In addition to your standard Possessed, Imps and Possessed Soldiers, you will also encounter a new enemy. Possessed Security have shotguns and carry shields, and are tougher to deal with than your previous enemies.

There are eight secrets, three Elite Guards, and one Field Drone located in this level. Argent Cells and challenges are introduced in this level. The Chainsaw and Heavy Assault Rifle are acquired in this level.


  • Two-fer - Kill 2 of The Possessed with one trigger pull from the Shotgun.
  • Variety is the Spice of Death I - Perform 5 different Glory Kills on The Possessed.
  • Quite the Explorer - Find 3 Secrets.

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