Robert Cody

Maintenance Supervisor


Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Caverns - Area 1: Excavation Transfer (audio log only)

Robert O. Cody (Identification Number: 1197-82) was a maintenance supervisor assigned to the Caverns on Mars.

Robert's PDA can be found in B1 Conference Room 1, on the table next to his skeleton.

PDA contents

Audio Logs

Dangerous Conditions in the Caverns

Audio report regarding dangerous working conditions in caverns below Delta. This is Bob Cody. Today is October 18th, 2145.

My crew has been rewiring the generators as ordered for the last several days. We can't finish the work. We're stopping after today. This job ain't worth dying for. We'll be collecting our gear and tying down what we can.

We call them howlers because that's how they start; first the howling gets louder, the screaming. Then shaking Earth-, uh, Marsquakes throws everything around. Makes walking on the catwalks impossible and working with voltage, well, stupid. The noises have some of the guys spooked and I don't blame them; nothing natural about what we've heard. If someone can figure out what's causing the howlers, I'll get the crew to finish the job. Till then, well, we'll be available for a new assignment tomorrow.


Generator Repairs Needed (10-07-2145)

Mr Cody,

Several crews working in the caverns have reports of at least a dozen generator failures after the recent seismic activity. Please assemble your assigned team and report to Maintenance Supervision for the detailed report. We need those generators operational as soon as possible.

Thank You,
Maintenance Control

Sorry old pal (10-08-2145)

Hey Bob,

I see that you've been assigned generator duty again, good luck down there with the 'howlers'. Remember to try and keep your team focused, I was assigned down there last month, so I'm aware of how difficult it can get, especially with all those tremors! Anyhow, give me a shout when you get some free time, we can hit up one of the common areas and down some suds.

Talk to ya soon,

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