Ross Fry

Maintenance Worker





Only appearance

Mars City Underground: Union Aerospace Subsystems

"Buddy, don't know if I can really help you with anything. Kinda busy here."
― Ross Fry to the Marine [src]

Ross Fry was a maintenance worker assigned to the Mars City Underground on Mars. He was something of a supervisor.

When the player meets Ross Fry in Doom 3, he is seen supervising and arguing with a fellow worker, Scotty, who is replacing power couplings in a maintenance shaft. If the player tries to talk to him, he will (like many characters) say he's too busy and has to do his job.

During the demon invasion, both Ross and Scotty are killed by an Imp. When the player passes through the area where the duo were arguing, Ross' remains can be found at the same spot he stood earlier, and Scotty's dying screams can be heard.


  • Although his name is only shown as R. Fry when the reticle is placed over him, killing him will cause Scotty to suddenly respond "Ross? Hey, what the hell's going on up there?", giving him his full first name.

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