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SLADE is a modern, open-source map editor for Windows, Mac and Linux created and maintained by Simon Judd.


  • SLADE 1 stopped at version 1.13, released on 2006-05-23.
  • SLADE 2 reached beta on 2007-06-07, but was abandoned afterwards.
  • SLADE 3 is currently (as of March 9, 2010) in development. It is a merging of SLADE and SLumpEd.



  • All SLumpEd features and more
  • Lump manipulation in WADs and ZIPs (STORE and DEFLATE only at the moment)
  • Ability to open archives-within-archives
  • Ability to open many other game archive formats (Duke Nukem 3D GRP files, Blood RFF files, Shadowcaster DAT and LIB files, Quake PAK files, etc.)
  • Support for many graphic picture formats, including:
  • Support for editing TEXTUREx lumps, including the Alpha and Strife variants
  • Text editing of any lump
  • Hex viewing of any lump
  • A console
  • Map preview supporting Doom and Hexen map formats, as well as UDMF and the Doom64 EX format.

Map editing is not in yet.

Older versions

SLADE 1.13 or 2.00-beta have the following features:

  • Support for Doom, Doom II, Heretic and Hexen games
  • Support for Boom and ZDoom source port advanced features
  • DECORATE parser
  • Colour configurations
  • 3D editing mode (including slopes and translucent textures)
  • Uses wxWidgets for the user interface
  • Easy line and rectangle drawing

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