STARTAN2 walls


STARTAN3 walls

The STAR series of wall textures is found in both Doom and Doom II (with the exception of STARTAN1, which appears only in Doom). It is particularly associated with Doom Episode I (Knee-Deep in the Dead), in which its extensive use helps to give the levels their distinctive look, nicknamed techbase.


STARBR2128x128Highly saturated brown, with tech decorations
STARG2128x128Green, with tech decorations
STARG3128x128Green fading to silver
STARGR2128x128Silver, with tech decorations
STARTAN164x128Medium saturated brown
STARTAN2128x128Medium saturated brown, with tech decorations
STARTAN3128x128Medium saturated brown, fading to silver

Appearance statistics

The textures appear on the following numbers of sidedefs in each level throughout the games:


E1M1: Hangar0001825010098
E1M2: Nuclear Plant0604510518325
E1M3: Toxin Refinery000148130931970
E1M4: Command Control0750356700016
E1M5: Phobos Lab043021401049
E1M6: Central Processing0004200000
E1M7: Computer Station01001620000196
E2M2: Containment Area000000300
E2M3: Refinery1431261420252
E2M6: Halls of the Damned100261013000
E3M3: Pandemonium009203000
E3M4: House of Pain600000000
Totals 301374746113436114207456

Doom II

MAP02: Underhalls08000009
MAP08: Tricks and Traps518153211187
MAP13: Downtown00001000
MAP19: The Citadel00004002
Totals 5261537111818

Texture name

The "STAR" part of the texture names is from "StarStruct, Inc.", a UAC contractor named in Tom Hall's original design document. StarStruct's design made for "bright shiny, high-tech buildings", reminiscent of the sleek style of 2001 - A Space Odyssey or, according to Hall, "Star Wars’ Imperial stuff".

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