Scattered Evil is an ongoing Hexen project, the 2nd part of the Korax Trilogy. This is opensource so anyone may contribute. The story takes place a few months after the end of the first one, introducing three new heroes, one of each order – of the three heroes of the first part, only the mage Daedalon survives. For every game, the player picks one of the three heroes. This sequel is a true cross-breed of a first person shooter and a role playing game. It includes dozens of locations which are connected through a travel map in the style of Realms of Arcania. The story takes place in a corner of the world that wasn't thoroughly destroyed by the forces of evil.

Main differences between Scattered Evil & Korax mod v3

  • New maps, new storyline: this time you don't have to replay the old Hexen maps; there'll be a world with all-new maps for you to explore
  • A journal with information about the world around you; a graphical system for spell-casting; an enhanced inventory
  • NPCs and interaction; quests
  • several different shops where you'll be able to buy / sell a wide variety of goods
  • all-new monster animations and new enemy AI
  • A lot of new 3D models like tables, chairs, trees, lanterns, rocks and more

hundreds of new textures and sprites, new musics

Scattered Evil beta 1 was released May 12th, 2012. Currently Korax v4 Vavoom port has reached beta 3 as of October 29th, 2011.

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