Scott Johnson

Plant Manager


Union Aerospace Corporation



Only appearance

Recycling - Sector 2: Waste Recycling Center

Scott P. Johnson (Identification Number: 4211-12) was a pump specialist assigned to Sector 2 of the Recycling Plant on Mars.

Scott's PDA can be found next to his dead body in the Main Environment Control room. He was either killed by the demons or from the gas leak.

PDA contents


RE: Locked Armaments (11-11-2145)

That is an excellent idea, we can't be too careful around here...

----Original Message----
Sent: 11-10-2145
To: Nicolas Sadowayj

Mr. Sadowayj,

I fear that the rumors I've been hearing might actually be true. The other day someone from my team was cleaning up a toxic spill in Delta and they said they actually saw some sort of creature down there, he didn't know what it was but it really scared him and got us thinking.
We can't be too careful; I've locked some ammunition and combat armor in the cabinet by the monorail airlock door here in Sector 2. If you ever need to get in it the code is: 483.


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