D'Sparil Wall

D'Sparil icon on a wall in Heretic E2M6: The Labyrinth.

D'Sparil Glass

D'Sparil (up) and Serpent Rider (down) icons on a stained-glass window in Heretic E2M6: The Labyrinth.

Korax Winnowing Hall

Korax's face on a trap-wall in Hexen first level Winnowing Hall.

Serpent Riders' Icons are found throughout Heretic and Hexen levels. They are often found on the walls or on altars and sometimes also on stained-glass windows.

In Heretic

In Heretic, D'Sparil icons are found throughout Parthoris world. They are D'Sparil or Serpent Riders images found on walls or on stained-glass windows.

In Hexen

In Hexen, Korax icons can be found throughout Cronos.

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