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Simon Howard

Simon Howard (aka fraggle) is a programmer from England. He has contributed to many Doom projects over the years.


Simon worked on several unreleased levels before forming Team Onslaughtin 1997 with Tom "Mystican" Robinson, Luke "Spike" Camaand Vincent Fong. While part of Team Onslaught, he developed a launcher called Onslaunchand contributed to the deathmatch megawads Decamatch and Decamatch 2. After Team Onslaught dissolved, he contributed to Execution DMalong with several former Onslaught members.

Following the release of the Doom source, Simon created his own port, "sfdoom", based on the DOS port of the source code by Chi Hoang. This work was later abandoned and he developed a new port, SMMU, based on the source code to MBF. As part of SMMU, he created a scripting language called FraggleScript. FraggleScript was later adopted in the PrBoom (until 2.3.1), Eternity, Doom Legacy and GZDoomsource ports. Currently, Simon is working on Chocolate Doom, a source port that aims to emulate Vanilla Doom as closely as possible.

In 2001, Simon took the lead role in the development of the Freedoom project, a project aiming to create a complete free IWAD file.

Community contributionsEdit

Simon has contributed to the Doom community in several ways. He was once an operator on several IRCchannels; however he now only rarely uses IRC. He is a moderator on the Doomworld forumsand a sysop on the Doom Wiki.


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