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"Scuba" Stephen Browning

Stephen Browning, also known by the moniker Scuba Steve, is most commonly known as the creator of the Action Doom series. Stephen was also responsible for writing the annual Doom award ceremony, The Cacowards, hosted on Doomworld. Major releases by the author include:

For several years he drew a number of weapon replacements that can be seen in a number of projects, his name usually being credited in the text file. Outside of his only two releases, he has been involved in at least a half dozen or so other projects. His expertise being art, he has formally and informally been involved in at least some way (be it a major or minor contribution) to all of these projects.

The author is also infamous for his work pertaining to Taylor's Imp Encounter dubbed Impse. Following the release of the story, he composed a graphic illustration of the Doom Marine taking advantage of the imp. This added a visual interpretation of the graphic story, and spawned countless easter eggs in wads like MassMouth 2 and Action Doom and even a wad titled imp Encounter which made a non playable version of the story in-game.

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