Steve Tooloose

C.P. Controller


Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Central Processing: Primary Server Bank (emails only)

Steve H. Tooloose (Identification Number: 1736-16) was a central processing controller assigned to Central Processing on Mars.

Steve's PDA can be found in the Serverbanks area.

PDA contents


Storage Problem on Server (11-04-2145)


I've been noticing a steady degradation in filesystem performance on server A12. Could you please head up to the third floor and look into the problem? I'm working on matter transference problems for the guys in Delta, and all my data is stored on that server.
If we have backups from last night, could you please restore them to server A17 if it's not in use? I can patch into that server to continue my work.


BFG Info Video (11-14-2145)


Corporate needs the new BFG video I placed in your office uploaded to the server and placed on our internal web site. Don't forget to convert it to a .uacmov so it'll play on all terminals.

Fire me an email when it's up, I can't wait to see it.


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