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1994 - 1995 - 1996 - 1997 - 1998
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STRAIN is a 32-level partial conversion released in 1997 by the Alpha Dog Alliance. It features nine new or modified monsters through the use of DeHackEd, and a soundtrack written by David "Tolwyn" Shaw, Mark Klem, and Jon Landis.


The fist attack is now a quick, double punch combo, and the pistol has a swifter rate of fire. The shotgun has edited graphics and new sound effects, rendering it into a sawn-off shotgun, as well as a faster rate of fire. The plasma rifle is replaced with the NFG, whose base damage is 7 points higher, resulting in a much stronger projectile barrage. The BFG9000 is replaced with the Psychic Blaster, which shoots partially invisible BFG blasts that fly slowly and cause ordinary blast damage rather than the unusual kind exhibited by the BFG, but has a much quicker rate of fire. Unlike the Doom II cell weapons, the NFG and Psychic Blaster use different types of ammunition: cells for the NFG (with maximum capacity of 50 instead of 300) and rockets for Psychic Blaster, using 3 rockets per shot.

New monstersEdit

Usage of new tiles and DeHacked editing creates several new monsters for the game:

  • Imps which move much faster and throw fireballs in a rapid manner now replace the Arachnotrons. They have no visual distinction from normal Imps (which are in the WAD) but have a higher-pitched alert noise. They will literally run in a player's face faster than can be seen and are hard to target due to their speed. They take slightly more damage as well.
  • Demons are now red and take slightly more damage (a super shotgun blast will kill in one shot, assuming all 20 pellets connect).
  • Flying drones replace the Revenant gaining a Cacodemon-like hover ability. They fire both types of Revenant missile, both of which travel at roughly half the normal speed and are much easier to dodge. They can also be found stealthed much like the Spectre.
  • Lost Souls now have blue and red flames with longer horns, and in addition to the standard ramming attack, now fire Imp fireballs.
  • Cyberdemons are now half normal size with higher-pitched alert and walking sounds. They take roughly 4-6 rockets to kill, but still fire normal rockets themselves, offsetting the comical idea of a miniature cyberdemon.
  • Presumably replacing the Spider Mastermind are flying cubes (taking grapics form the Icon of Sin's enemy spawn cubes). Their alert sound is a human voice saying "Got Him!". They fire the Spider Mastermind's chain shotgun.
  • The Mancubus is replaced by a superchaged Baron of Hell, with gray skin and green legs. They toss five green plasma balls at once in a spread pattern.
  • Certain zombie troopers fire off BFG-9000 rounds in later levels. There is no visual distinction between normal and BFG troopers until they fire.
  • Chaingunners have a new graphic set wearing the Marine helmet. The player sprite uses the same sprite set.
  • Cacodemons, Hell Knights and Barons of Hell toss their projectiles much faster.

Levels Edit

First "episode":

Second "episode":

Third "episode":

Final "episode":

Secret levels:

Other notesEdit

MAP07: En Route is impossible to complete in ports based on old versions (prior to 2.3.0) ZDoom, as the level relies on the occurrence of a spechits overflow in order for the exit to work. Recent versions of ZDoom identify the map and automatically apply the required compatibility flag. There also problems with the DeHackEd patch when it is used with Doom Legacy. Doom Wad Station provides a fixed version at their STRAIN Page.

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