All the music in Strife was created by Morey Goldstein.

Track name Levels Lump Notes
Area 1, Area 15, Area 28 D_ACTION
Area 3, Area 11 D_DANGER
Area 4 D_FAST
Area 5, Introduction sequence D_INTRO
Area 6, Area 14 D_DARKER
Area 7, Area 19 D_STRIKE
Area 8, Area 18, Area 22 D_SLIDE
Area 10 D_MARCH
Area 12 D_MOOD
Area 13 D_CASTLE
Area 16, Area 31 D_FIGHT
Area 17 D_SPENSE
Area 20, Story interludes D_DARK
Area 21, Area 27 D_TECH
Area 23, Area 30 D_DRONE
Area 24 D_PANTHR
Area 25, worst ending D_SAD
Area 26, Area 29 D_INSTRY
Good ending D_HAPPY
Bad ending D_END
Title music D_LOGO

The "teaser" demo version has a different setup:

Track name Levels Lump Notes
Area 1 D_MAP1
Area 2 D_MAP2
Area 3 D_MAP2

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