"Joe" in this level?

I remembered near the exit of Alpha Lab Sector 1, in the Hydrocon Lab where "a miss fire can trigger a huge fire disaster", if you make through it quick enough, you have a chance to chase after Swann (but still lose him) or/and ecounter a "Joe" with a BFG 9000, you can kill him for taking the weapon. Anyone can proof this?

General Wild Dog

Alpha Red

"Alpha Red"

Towards the end of the level there is a door that is locked marked "Alpha Red". A long time ago I remember people talking about how they hid a red keycard in DOOM 3 as an "Homage" to the old DOOM games. Does anyone know where this red key is? It seems logical that it should be for opening the "Alpha Red" door in Alpha Labs Sector 1. And I could have sworn that on the PC version of the game when I played it years ago (I'm playing the BFG Edition now) that I remembered finding the Red Key. Any information on the Alpha Red door (Even if it's just a PC version Noclip trip through it to confirm) or the Red Key that I haven't seen in ages would be appreciated. 09:32, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

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